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The US has the fattest population of all time!! Around two thirds of the population is overweight or obese. At ObesityEpidemic.Org, we are here to educate, legislate, and reverse the fattening up trend. Please feel free to exchange ideas or suggestions by emailing : admin@obesityepidemic.org

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The Double Chin

Might you have a double chin or triple chin? To many obese, it may be one of the first wake up calls that you are gaining too much fat. The other great wake up call is to see a picture of yourself.

Skinny Face Fat Thighs

Some people have big legs and buttocks, but have a skinny face. They may look great in pictures, but not so well in a swimsuit.

Fat Face Skinny Legs

Some people gain like ten pounds and it all seems to go to the face. They may have thin arms and legs and no gut. Some of these people go around feeling fat because they look in the mirror and there it is fat face.

Lean Everywhere But Large Belly

Some people have pencil stick legs and arms and a lean face. They seem so thin with the exception of the protruding belly. Many people that have healthy body fat percentages still have a small belly, but some obese people simply get a huge belly.

Where is Fat Deposited

Fat is deposited in fat cells. It seems so simple. The fat cells serve as storage containers. It is up to your genetics to determine where the fat cells reside on the body.

Getting Rid of the Double Chin

Genetics plays the largest role in where your fat cells are located. You can exercise a certain area a lot and it will still be fat. The reason is that is where you genetically gain the weight and that can't be changed. The only thing to do is to lose weight. The troubled area will eventually go.

The bottom line is that the only way to get rid of a double chin is through liposuction or just losing weight in general. If you are unlucky and get a double chin after only gaining a few pounds you will just have to stay lean.

You should know that liposuction isn't going to cure it. You still have to maintain a good diet and exercise after liposuction.

Fat cells can come back. If you fill up all the fat containers to the maximum, your body has only one avenue and that is to create more fat cells. The more fat cells you have the harder it is to lose weight. Somehow fat cells tend to make you feel more hungry.


The only way to really get rid of a double chin is diet and exercise. You need to be lean. That's it.







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