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The US has the fattest population of all time!! Around two thirds of the population is overweight or obese. At ObesityEpidemic.Org, we are here to educate, legislate, and reverse the fattening up trend. Please feel free to exchange ideas or suggestions by emailing : admin@obesityepidemic.org

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Genetic Engineered Foods and Obesity

Most of the foods we eat has been genetically modified in some way. Most of the plants sold in stores are actually hybrids that can't reproduce. Foods are engineered to be bigger, taste sweeter, and be pest resistant. Like any math equation, you must do the same thing to both sides of the equation for equilibrium. In food science, the equation was never balanced and we are still discovering the ramifications.

Is Bigger Better?

Is it better to have something bigger? It make have more food, but does it have the other thing that is vital: nutritional content. We are finding that many of the foods of today are larger and grow faster. However, we also find that the nutritional content is much lower. For example, an orange of fifty years ago has eight times the vitamin c of todays oranges. So, with bigger and faster, we are also getting less and less nutrition.

One of the effects is that the body turns on hunger pains to induce the individual to eat for nutrition. There are many stories of people craving certain foods that offered nutrients their body lacked. Have you ever seen a pregnant lady craving chalk. It seems crazy, but it has a lot of calcium in it.

Do you like the idea of your body craving foods so that you must overeat to get nutrition? However, this is only part of the problem. Soils are also depleted from overfarming the same areas. 3

Sweeter Taste

Do you want to have a big laugh? Invite someone from China to your home for dinner; someone that hasn't been here long. Then, serve them corn. They will tell you that it tastes like candy. The corn, in America, is very sweet.

Sweet tasting vegetables sell better than bland ones. That is why they produce has been engineered to help it sell better. Genetic engineers have increased the sugar content of many fruits, vegetables and grains.

Sugary foods is one of the top reasons for obesity. Sugar makes you crave more food and wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels. Sugar will cause you to binge getting highs and lows in your blood sugar levels. These levels have to constantly be corrected with insulin. Insulin stores the sugar as fat and overall stresses the body.

Nowadays, diabetics are advised to avoid many fruits and vegetables because the sugar content is too high. For example, grapes and carrots are to be eaten very sparingly on the diabetic diet. The sugar content is too high.

Here is another reason to eat fish and rice. So far, nobody has been adding sugar to these foods.

Pest Resistance

Some foods are engineered to give off their own “natural” pest resistance. The problem is that the released chemicals are basically the same as Round Up or some other poison. The FDA, and others, reason that the amounts are small enough that it won't hurt you too much. There is actually a corn called Round Up ready corn. That means you can drench the corn with lots of pesticides and the corn won't die, but the weeds sure will.

We don't actually know what we are doing to the foods. Each time we change food, it is basically a new experiment being done on humans. It's nice to have a lot of inexpensive food available, but it is having effects on health. Severe food allergies have been skyrocketing in recent years. Metabolic disorders are also on the rise. In fact, food related diseases are increasing at alarming rates.

The food companies have one great thing going for them. It is difficult to prove causality. If you have a severe reaction to a food, who do you sue? You don't because you don't know what caused the allergy. It could be heredity. The real truth is that modern food is making people sick. The food companies are hiding the information about food creation so that people can't make informed decisions. The federal government supports the cover up because they think they know best. Do you really want them deciding things for you without knowledge or consent?


Genetic engineered foods cause increased caloric consumption by creating larger sized foods without nutrients and thereby increasing hunger, by making foods sweeter, and by causing metabolic disorders from genetically engineered pest resistant crops.







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