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The US has the fattest population of all time!! Around two thirds of the population is overweight or obese. At ObesityEpidemic.Org, we are here to educate, legislate, and reverse the fattening up trend. Please feel free to exchange ideas or suggestions by emailing : admin@obesityepidemic.org

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Preparing to Lose Weight

Losing weight is emotionally and physically difficult. It is like climbing one of the seven summits. You can do it, but it takes a lot of preparation and diligence.

Climbing the Mountain of Obesity

To climb a tall treacherous mountain, it requires much preparation. You must know how long the journey will take, how much food you will need, how much water you will need, how to use the climbing gear, emergency plans, and radio equipment. If that's not enough, new climbers need to have an experienced person to help them make it. In a climbing party, experienced climbers are matched with those of less experience. The lead person should have the most experience and successful prior ascents on mountains of similar magnitude.

Weight Loss Preparations

Time Frames

Is it easier to endure pain for an infinite amount of time or for a set amount of time? For most of us, it is much easier to hang on knowing how long we have to go. A goal that is difficult to accomplish and seems to have no end discourages most people. It is therefore an important part of weight loss to make a plan and know how long it will take to achieve the results. This will serve as a motivator and keep you on the plan.

The Food You Need

You won't find any fast food restaurants on a high mountain trail. You probably can't bring a lot of hamburgers or fried chicken either. You must prepare so that the food is light and so that it is available in just the right amounts. You can't afford to carry excess food on a serious climb.

Your home should be the same. You should only have the exact food that you need to make it for as long as you can go before you go to the store again. For one thing, every time you shop there is the temptation to buy unhealthy products. An additional bonus is that people that shop less frequently will save 50% on their food bill.


Water is the beverage of choice. There are also good herbal teas available, but the primary thing is to drink water. Have you ever seen a mountain climber with a six pack of soda. Not only does it not quench properly, it is heavy to carry.

In the same way, drink a lot of water. It helps to flush out body tissues. It makes you feel less hungry. It also helps connect you with life because it is so precious and connected with nature.

Climbing Gear

You will definitely want a good pair of boots, an ax, crampons, carabineers, screws, rope, lanyards, harnesses, helmets, backpacks, and a host of other stuff. Each part of the gear has a specific purpose and is necessary for the other gear to work out. For example, you need a backpack to carry tools or you need a harness to hold you to the rope. Each item is pretty much useless without all of the other items working together. This is much like losing weight.

Obesity Gear

You will need a scale to keep track of how you are doing. You will also need exercise equipment. You will need some good walking or running shoes, some workout clothing, a treadmill, an elliptical machine, weights, and any other exercise item that will get you out and moving.

Like climbing each part of the obesity gear works together. You will have much more success with cardiovascular and weight training together. To make it all work you need good shoes. Good shoes will help to prevent injury and be more comfortable.

Some other obesity gear that would be good to have are a GPS watch that keeps track of how far you walk and how long it takes. You might also use a pedometer to keep track of how far you walk. Some people really like to bicycle or swim and that means a membership to a pool and/or a bicycle to ride. Look at all the equipment that you have and what you need to plan your obesity attack.

Emergency Plans

While on a high mountain ascent, you may fall into a crevasse, you may get lost, and you may become air sick. If you fall into a crevasse, you will hope that someone in your party has a crevasse rescue kit on hand. If you get lost, you may turn to your maps, compass, GPS, and experienced guide to help you get back on course. If you get air sick, you can use bottles of oxygen for revival. You can then go down the mountain to where the air is a little thicker and recover.

The point here is that for each potential pitfall that can happen on the journey there are emergency plans set in place to keep you safe. The possible dangers are carefully studied and dealt with prior to execution. Why? Do you think you can invent a crevasse rescue kit on the spot? Can you invent a compass or GPS in the time of need? It is clear that preparation is necessary to prevent such things from becoming tragic; as they sometimes do.

Obesity Emergency Plans

“Falling of the wagon” is the most common emergency for dieters. The next problem for dieters are family and friends that encourage overconsumption of sugar and fat; especially during the holidays. Another possible emergency, is to not have healthy foods in the house. This may lead someone to overindulge in unhealthy foods. Binging can make people feel discouraged and like giving up.

In you arsenal of tools, you should have emergency plans set up. If you start to “fall of the wagon” it is important to have a lead person to come to your rescue. You need someone who will recognize when you need encouragement to stick with the plan. This is why people that attend weight loss meetings lose the most weight. It is not the information they gather, but the moral support of sticking to the plan.

Tell family and friends that you are on a diet and to help support you in losing weight. It might feel weird at first, but getting their moral support upfront is a lot better than having to say no all the time to high caloric foods. You are much more likely to get support if you ask for it in a nice way before the cake and candy are being offered to you.

Not finding something healthy to eat can also be an emergency. You should always have a stash of low caloric foods for these emergencies. That will give you enough time to curb the hunger and go to the store to replenish your stash. One item to stash might be popcorn in the five gallon bucket. Just don't store up a lot of butter with the popcorn.

Radio Equipment

On high mountain climbs people often get separated from each other. That is the time that the radios are used to bring people in communication.

With obesity, it is also important to maintain communications with your team. You should call your buddy for moral support now and then and get updates on treacherous things to avoid. The radio should be left on so that someone can call you and so that you can call someone else.


Only a fool would try to climb Mount Everest alone and without any knowledge or training. They would certainly die. You could ask a lot of people how to climb the mountain, but it wouldn't help all that much unless they had done it themselves.

With that in mind, it is very important to find someone of that can help lead you to victory. Find someone who is interested in helping you lose weight and that has the experience to make it happen. One of the biggest myths of weight loss is that it is sheer will power. It isn't. It is more about organizing your tools, practicing, and working for success. To be successful, try and get the right people on your side. It will make the climb a lot easier and more enjoyable. More importantly you will make the climb.







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